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"If people are good only because they fear punishment and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.    Albert Einstein

30.  "LORI'S SONG"

The true story of an American woman held captive in Iran.    While Terrorism is a war that starts developing within the mind,
Religion is a war that antagonizes our conscience, but
Love is a war within the heart..... 
Share The Peace!

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I highly recommend you spending the money to buy the book for many reasons. I started reading it and could barely stop to finish my work and I know it will happen to you. There are many reasons why you need to read the book but I will just name a few. She deals with her addiction to opiates through out the book and you will be able to identify with many of her struggles because all of us with chemical dependency problems share a bond in common. Besides sharing chemical dependency, many of us  deal with bipolar tendencies.  Most of all, the book should rekindle the fire within and inspire you to continue on with your struggles knowing you can overcome.  

If she survived all she suffered and lived to write about it then it should tell you, you can do it too.  She is back in the United States and has found love again and spends her time helping others who are bipolar and she still deals with her addiction by taking Suboxone.  I encourage all of you to visit with her and learn more about how to deal with being bipolar and fine the love, support and encouragement needed to continue on from someone who truly cares and has dedicated her time to be available for you.

31.  Suboxone Talk Zone

A Suboxone Blog: Questions and Answers About Opiate Dependence

SuboxDoc is Jeffrey T. Junig MD PhD, a Board Certified Psychiatrist practicing in Fond du Lac Wisconsin. He first worked in neurochemical research, completing his PhD in Neuroscience at the Center for Brain Research in Rochester, NY in 1986. He then attended medical school at the University of Rochester in NY, graduating with honors. He completed a residency in anesthesiology and critical care at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and then worked in operating rooms and pain clinics for the next ten years. In 2001 he left the field of anesthesiology after developing an addiction to opiates. He eventually returned to study of the brain and mind, completing a residency in psychiatry at the Medical College of Wisconsin in 2006.

Besides his solo psychiatry practice he teaches at the Medical College of Wisconsin, and is Asst Clinical Professor of Psychiatry there. He is also Medical Director of Nova, a large residential AODA treatment center in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He worked part-time as a psychiatrist in the Wisconsin prison system for two years, leaving that position in October of 2008.

Further details regarding his background, education, and publications can be found at the home page of his psychiatry practice, Fond du Lac Psychiatry. He practices Tele-Psychiatry for patients across the United States, including providing medication and psychotherapy as indicated and requested. He is certified to prescribe Suboxone, and his addiction practice is described here, at the Wisconsin Opiate Management Center.

He is currently accepting new patients in both his local and Tele-Psychiatry practices. He is also currently enrolling interested local patients in a study that pays patients up to $225 dollars for their participation. The study is open to opiate addicts starting Suboxone treatment.

32.  Fond du Lac  Psychiatry

Jeffrey T. Junig M.D., Ph.D.
Fond du Lac Psychiatry, Fond du Lac Wisconsin Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry
Medical College of Wisconsin

1020 South Main Street
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

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My experiences have increased my empathy for those with mental pain. I now recognize that years of one’s life can slip away unappreciated, while he or she puts off finding appropriate help. I know first-hand of the stigma and isolation that can result from minor or major psychiatric conditions. My sincere goal is to create an understanding and supportive environment while providing the most up-to-date psychiatric care available.

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