Patient Assistance Program

If you are thinking about Suboxone but wonder where the money will come from, you are not alone. It is possible if you meet the qualifications required to obtain some financial help, Reckitt Benckiser has a "Prescription Assistance Program. What are you waiting on? They are waiting on you to apply. Best Wishes to all of you.


Please read carefully as the program has changed.
The application is no longer present for you to print and fill out.
Please call 1-888-898-4818 if you have any questions as to how to proceed.

We will have more information available for you as soon as they notify us but you can call the number above and find out all you need to know.

They have made some changes in the requirements for Rx Financial Assistance. Read it all over very carefully and click on the URLs for more information but we have given you all the information we have available at this time. We will give you more as soon as we receive it. If you want more information then please call the number above because they can provide it for you -we don't have any more than what we have given you.


Although we do have the phone number for the program posted on this website, it is important to remember, it is up to the Certified Suboxone Provider to call the program and obtain the paperwork that is needed to apply for the program.

The patient cannot apply for the program on their own .

Thank you very much for your time and we hope all of you will take the time to read it very carefully.

Reckitt Benckiser
Contact Information:

PO Box 220281 
Charlotte, NC 28222-0281 

Phone: 1-888-898-4818

Fax: 1-888-407-9788


Eligibility Information:

  • Patient may not have private or public insurance
  • Patient must be at least 16 years old
  • Physician can only have 3 patients on the program at a time 

Income at or below:

Single: 250% FPL

Couple: 250 %FPL

Medical expenses can be deducted from reported income: Not Published

Social Security # requested on form: Not Published

US citizenship/residency specified:  Yes 


Attachments Required: Financial

Physician License # Required: DEA

Prescriber Signature Allowed: Physician

Application May Be Faxed: Yes

Eligibility determination letter sent: Both Provider and Patient


Receives: Pharmacy Card 

Shipped To: Patient

Quantity in Shipment: 30 Days

Delivery Time: Not Published

Re-application Policy: Upon Approval, eligible for 12 months. No renewal. 

Refill Policy:  Not published

Other Information: None Published

Last Updated: 07/26/2012


Some frequently asked questions about Patients Assistance programs.

How do patient assistance programs work?
An individual gets an application for the drug company program that has the medicine the patient needs. Information on medication available through patient assistance programs and the company programs offering these drugs may be found on the Some but not all, application forms are available on and can be filled out directly on the computer or printed out.

Some companies programs require that a physician or heath care advocate (someone working in a physician's office or in a clinic) get the form by calling the program. Many times in these cases, the patient assistance program will screen for eligibility before sending out the form. The form that is sent will have a patient specific identification number on it.   

After the form is filled out and submitted to the company, the drug company will decide whether the patient is eligible to receive the medication for free. If the patient is eligible, the medication may be sent to the patient's home, the physician's office or a local pharmacy depending on the program. Some, but not all, companies send letters letting patients and/or physicians know whether the patient has been approved for their patient assistance program.  


What do I have to do to apply for a patient assistance program? You must follow the directions on the application exactly, answer every question and include any documents the program asks for. Usually, programs will ask about prescription coverage, veteran's status, eligibility for public insurance programs and income and asset information. Companies also may ask for:

  • Proof of income, such as federal income tax statements or pay stubs
  • Medicaid or insurance denial letters
  • A prescription from your doctor
  • Patient consent forms that are included with the application.

Most applications will request information about the physician.
Applications may require the signature of the physician, the patient or both.

What does my doctor need to do to help me apply for a patient assistance program?

This depends on the specific patient assistance program. Usually the physician only has to fill out a few brief questions on the application form and/or sign it. The physician may also be asked to:


For those of you who do not qualify for the Patient Assistance Program, Reckitt Benckiser offers a prescription discount card that will save you $50.00 off your prescription each month. As with the Patinet Assistance Program, this card can only be used for the Suboxone Strips. Not the tablets.

So if your waiting to find out if you qualify for the program or have found out that you are not able to participate on the program, please print out your co-pay card today and start saving money.

To get your card now please click on the link below.


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