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Suboxone Assisted Treatment caters mainly to the present and future
medication-assisted treatment patients, family members, friends and other medical personnel that may need information and assistance.

Suboxone Assisted Treatment is not part of any organization. We do not host or receive funding from advertising or from the display of commercial content.

Suboxone Assisted Treatment, a subsidiary of Medical Assisted Treatment of America have the following mission:

     Educate  the  patient  about  the  disease  of  opioid addiction by providing an understanding of the pharmacology of addiction and how this relates to rehabilitation. 

      Fight  against  the  stigma  and  discrimination  associated with  patients having addiction disorders by providing practical assistance in the everyday concerns of patients and treatment professionals. 

     Working  to dispel  the  ignorance regarding Suboxone Assisted  Treatment by educating people on how Suboxone works in the body to prevent the agonizing cravings and withdrawal symptoms brought on   by addiction.

    Making  treatment  available  on  demand  to every  person who       needs it  by  pushing  for  immediate   expansion of   treatment   and providing referral assistance to those who need help in getting into a program.    

We expect to change people's views concerning Suboxone Assisted Treatment with Education and Advocacy.

Suboxone Assisted Treatment will:

1.  Speak publicly about the productive lives led by suboxone patients.

2.  Establish contact with elected and appointed officials.                       

 3.  Attend community meetings.                                                                  

  4.  Prepare and distribute educational material.                                          

  5.  Participate in media interviews.

  6. Create a unified voice to reach the public on all issues of concern to
suboxone patients.


Addiction  to  drugs is  as  much a medical disease as is diabetes or mental illness.  Society, however is unwilling to accept this.  Drug addiction   is   looked   at   mainly  as  a  social  ill.  Hence,  the zero tolerance approach to drug addiction.  This  is  despite the fact that we   have   been   fed   ad   nauseum   with  failures  of  our  current approaches of "treating" addicts by locking them up only to have them return ing to their old habits the moment they walk out of lock-ups. 

Drugs like the "Opiate Agonists" do not cure individuals of addiction, but they have been extensively shown to rid societies of the many ills associated with illicit drug use. While we are debating the morality of giving Opiate Agonist Pharmacotherapy, for fear of addicts now becoming addicted to the drugs, for instance, more and more people have contracted Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

Addiction to drugs is a chronic medical illness. It is caused by a complex interplay of biological and environmental factors. Studies have implicated several genes in predisposing individuals to drug abuse and addiction. Among   the  genes  implicated   are   the  very   same   ones  involved  in our   “flight and fright” responses.

Thus while the initial act of “getting” the disease is voluntary (individuals have to generally knowingly take the drug), once addiction sets in,  the voluntariness is gone because the bodily functions of these individuals are altered by the addiction. Drugs like the "Opiate Agonists,"  when administered under medical supervision, will take drug users off heroin injections. They no longer crave for heroin, their bodily functions return to normal and they will be able to engage in socially acceptable activities.

If you are tired of the ups and downs that come with addiction and feel like  Suboxone Assisted Treatment might work for you, then please send us an e-mail to the address below and we will have an advocate contact you with more information.


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Deborah Shrira,Editor                   November 12, 2006

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